About Us

Kamalia Khaddar Online (KKO) is serving customers in Pakistan and abroad for the past two decades. Initially, it was established as a wholesale dealer but expanded the business in 2016 to serve end customers directly. The business operates its outlets or franchises in all major cities of Pakistan with as many as 26 in Punjab alone.

The KKO primarily offers khaddar collection for all seasons in three broad categories:




KKO originated in Kamalia city of Pakistan that is renowned for its khaddar production. The business expansion all over Pakistan also owes to its business strategy of leasing franchises. Our client franchises enable us to grow our outreach to small cities as well.

Khaddar is one of the most famous menswear clothes in Pakistan. KKO has the privilege to ensure that khaddar does not remain limited to people of a certain area. Instead, our decades of presence in this industry enabled us to create interest among customers in every part of the country regardless of geography, culture and traditions.

The leadership aims to launch showrooms in New York, Los Angeles and London by the end of 2021.

KKO in partnership with leading logistics service providers delivers its products all over the world. You can order your favorite khaddar from website or through chat on our official Facebook page. Besides, contact us via email or the UAN shared below if you intend to acquire a franchise or seek business collaboration.

You can write us at: Care@kamaliakhaddar.online

Our UAN is: +92-310-8828882